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I have diverse and varied interests in ecology.

In terms of taxa, I have worked on plants (rainforest dynamics, weeds, threatened plants, and sustainable development of plant industries in primary production), insects (grasshoppers, fruit flies, beetles, cicadas) and microorganisms (with respect to insect-plant interactions). I have also worked on direct anthropogenic impacts on natural resources (fuelwood removal and its implications, ecological effects of human induced noise). I have worked on tropical, temperate and arid zone systems. In addition to a research background in ecology, I also possess quantitative skills in biostatistics and ecological modeling.

Broad research themes that fascinate me (at present) include,

  • Insect-plant interactions
  • Invasion biology & invasive species management
  • Theory and practice of biological control
  • Chemical mediation of insect behaviour and insect-plant interactions
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Numerical ecology
  • Development of theory for applied ecology, and
  • Science education and communication

Herbivory has been the predominant context within which I have explored the above themes.